Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stringtronics- Mindbender

Released in 1972 through Peer label.Actually a compilation of tracks by composers of "library music". Space-funky music with vintage synths and nice melodies!
A1 Barry Forgie Mindbender
A2 Barry Forgie Mediterranee
A3 Barry Forgie Ballata
A4 Barry Forgie Haunted
A5 Barry Forgie Catharsis
B1 Barry Forgie Dawn Mists
B2 Anthony Mawer Undercover Girl
B3 Anthony Mawer Freedom Road
B4 Nino Nardini Afro-Samba
B5 Nino Nardini Tropicola
B6 Roger Roger Safari Park
B7 Roger Roger Perdition
Considered as one of the Holy Grails of library music genre!

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